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All J.L. Fredrick titles are available at in paperback, and most are available as e-book versions, (search "Lovstad Publishing") or you can follow the "VIEW/PURCHASE" links below to order right here. 







COVER.8.dont.shoot - Copy.jpeg

Don't Shoot the Piano Player

ISBN: 979-8627377032

Clay Edwards and Roscoe Connor (The Legend Series) have traveled a long way to uncover a secret... lost gold that has escaped discovery by Arizona lawmen for nearly two decades. But for a couple of greenhorns in unsettled territory just after the turn of the Twentieth Century, their quest is not easy. With only a mysterious map and the desire for adventure, they find their way into a dangerous situation. . . a little more than they bargained for. 



The Reunion

                                                                      ISBN: 9798545475056

When old friends reunite after more than three decades apart, surprises are apt to surface.  Roscoe Connor and Clay Edwards (Don't Shoot the Piano Player) rendezvous 33 years after their adventure in Arizona. An old friend, Spades Morgan (Jesse 'n Will and the Gaslight Knights) provides the perfect opportunity aboard his new Mississippi riverboat in 1935. It's a rendezvous unlike any other. 

The whole crew of the recently launched Madison II gets into the action on a cruise up the Mississippi River, as a mystery guest provides the big surprise. 

   PART 2: When Clay and Roscoe return to Natchez, Mississippi after the rendezvous, some late arrivals provide more surprises.


ReunionCOVER.2 - front.jpeg


ISBN: 9798838008916


CATMAN & SCOOTER (Parts 1 & 2)

Two very average young guys, just entering college find themselves on an amusing ride of their lives when one of them mysteriously acquires an amazing superpower. It turns the news media upside down and the local police inside out. But there are drawbacks and complications that will tickle your funny bone, and a secret that not even Mom should find out! Move over all you caped crusaders—here comes Catman and Scooter. 



ISBN: 9798834828976

On a winter vacation in the Arizona desert mountains, Kevin Kraemer and Jerry Stevens (UNFINISHED BUSINESS) are determined to locate one of the countless lost mines of the Gold Rush Era—the Black Butte—that has evaded discovery for decades. Based on actual history, this story is bound to deliver a few interesting surprises.

Also includes 3 more short stories: Dance With a Tornado; House of Many Rooms, and Mississippi Pirates.

Available in HARDCOVER version 


HARDCOVER.Whisper.2 - Copy.jpeg


The COMPLETE LEGEND SERIES is also available in these two volumes.

Inspired by actual events that occurred during the Gold Rush era, the Legend Series is a captivating saga of gold and silver miners basking in the prosperity of success, while fighting to survive in a wild and dangerous environment. 
  Nearly seven decades after the mining has played out, a remnant of a ghost town is discovered by a curious college student; he uncovers secrets that have been well-guarded by an unseen force known only as "Mack." The mystery grows into a tangled mind game. 
  Not until the 21st Century is the puzzle finally solved by three enterprising young adventurers who have only two old journals found in an attic to connect the past with the present, and to discover one secret much grander than anyone could imagine.




OR... in this NEW 675 page single volume, SILVER SPRING

Silver.Spring.COVER.4 - Copy.jpeg

Another Shade of Gray


ISBN-13: 978-0615813080

(Another Shade of Gray) "... Reads almost like a Mark Twain Life on the Mississippi tale... unforgettable characters... this is a book not to be missed."

Sharon Katz  New York Review




The Gaslight Knights


ISBN-13: 978-0615747200

(Another Shade of Gray SEQUEL)




               together in one volume 

  • ISBN : ‎ 978-1542894685


Jesse 'n Will and the Gaslight Knights


This volume includes 2 original J.L. Fredrick novels: Another Shade of Gray; and the sequel, The Gaslight Knights. 

When the Mafia boss unknowingly provides a windfall during the hard times of the Great Depression years, the wheels start turning for Jesse Madison and his friends that he attracts along the way. The Mississippi River and a steamboat become their way of life as they rub elbows with all sorts of characters, and experience countless adventures that the river and the era have to offer.




AFTERMATH      together in one volume

  •             ISBN: ‎ 978-0692393062


This volume includes 2 complete J.L. Fredrick novels:  

The Other End of the Tunnel; Obsessed with the possibility of a supernatural encounter, Shawn and Steve sneak into a forbidden haunted house one stormy night in 1965. They discover more than they bargained for, as the spooky old house is host to more than just ghosts. 

Aftermath; Shawn and Steve are on another wildly exciting adventure when they are entrusted with a mysterious artifact that possesses some rather peculiar qualities. But they must stay one step ahead of crooks, mad scientists, and even the FBI to protect the most incredible discovery of all times.


The Other End of the Tunnel

ISBN-13: 978-0974905891






ISBN: 978-0974905822




  •                  ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1540640444

Cursed by the Wind

ISBN: 0-9749058-0-1


The dramatic Sea Wing disaster, Sunday July 13, 1890, on the Mississippi River is captured in this gripping episode of early America.  Warnings of approaching dangerous weather offered by an itinerant preacher, and his persistence to convince the captain to cancel a voyage down the Mississippi River and Lake Pepin are ignored. The Sea Wing with its 200 passengers aboard sails on to meet its fate.

  Cursed by the Wind is a suspenseful, heartwarming story expertly added to the actual tragic event. (Most characters in this story were real people.)

                                     Thunder in the Night

                                                               ISBN-13: 978-0615745787


Charlie Martin and “Frenchy” come from completely different cultures.  But they aren’t so different—they’re boys who seek adventure and sometimes find trouble without looking for it. In 1870s La Crosse, Wisconsin, logs, lumber, and steamboats on the Mississippi River are a way of life.  Based on the true historical account of one of those boats, the Bella Mac, these heroic boys bravely face disaster head-on. (Charlie Martin, Frenchy, and most other characters in this story were real people.  The story is based on actual events.)



ISBN: 0-9749058-6-0


New York and the Pentagon aren’t the terrorists’ only planned targets. Passengers aboard an excursion boat and the residents of the entire Mississippi River valley are about to become victims of the Country’s worst disaster in history.

   In small Wisconsin towns on and near the Mississippi River, where they think they are unnoticed, terrorists are busy scheming a Midwest attack to coincide with the September 11th New York and Washington melee that will add to the mass confusion across the entire country, not to mention the vast amount of destruction and lives lost. But the terrorists have failed to safeguard themselves against an unlikely adversary, and their mission is challenged. However, the three young men who have discovered the activity run out of time to convince authorities that a serious attack is imminent.

                                                           Mad City Bust


                                                                                                                     ISBN-13: 978-0615746999


    Diamonds, drugs and gun-running mixed together with jealousy and deception make a dangerous concoction.  In an attempt to repay an obligation to an old Army buddy, Mike Barnes arrives in Madison, Wisconsin as the result of a mysterious request from the indestructible Donovan Harlow.  But when the ex-Lieutenant is found sprawled in a pool of blood on his apartment floor, Mike’s promise to the dead man is hard to explain  to the police, and he is quickly included high on the long list of suspects.  Investigation uncovers Harlow’s connection with a drug ring, and his death triggers the arrest of a few of its operatives that will prove to be the biggest drug bust in Wisconsin history.   (Based on a true event)

COVERMadCityBust - Copy.jpeg

Dance With a Tornado

And Other Short Stories

ISBN-13: 978-0615747996


DANCE WITH A TORNADO is a collection of short stories with a variety of themes.  The first, "Dance With a Tornado" falls into J.L. Fredrick's favorite genre, Historical Fiction. The story was inspired by the  tornado that devastated the Southwestern WI village, Barneveld, in June 1984.

HOUSE OF MANY ROOMS captures your attention with a generous portion of fun as the narrator experiences a strange day investigating a strange old house that... well... I don't want to give away too much!

MISSISSIPPI PIRATES is based on a real historical event and given the J.L. Fredrick fiction treatment.  Yes, there really were pirates on the Mississippi River in the Nineteenth Century!

THE OTHER END OF THE TUNNEL, Fredrick's first published novella was included in this book after being out of print for a short time. (It is now back in print, but it still remains in this volume too.) You can find the details about this story elsewhere on this page.

BIGGER ROCKS is Fredrick's brief summation of the History of the World that might provide a chuckle or two.

AFTERMATH; Shawn and Steve are on another wildly exciting adventure when they are entrusted with a mysterious artifact that possesses some rather peculiar qualities. But they must stay one step ahead of crooks, mad scientists, and even the FBI to protect the most incredible discovery of all times.

The Great Train Robbery of Monroe County


ISBN-13: 978-0615747996


A long lost Black Hills outlaw who has escaped Pinkerton Detective Agency pursuit for eight years brings Wild West color to the beautiful La Crosse River Valley in 1885.  He recruits a band of local talent to help him rob— Jesse James fashion—a Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul train carrying $75,000 of payroll money that belongs to a La Crosse lumber company.

When the would-be train robbers discover that someone has betrayed the gang, young Jackson Evans finds he is trapped in a deadly snare: the gang leaders will kill him if he walks out because he knows too much, and an overzealous county sheriff will gun him down if he stays.         







ISBN: 9781078760812

Beyond the Horizon takes you on a captivating journey to interesting towns and other fascinating attractions throughout the states of Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kansas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. From ghost towns to national monuments, you can experience the natural beauty and historical significance as J.L. Fredrick shares with you his travels during six years of rediscovering America.

Illustrated with full color photos by the author.

Rivers, Roads, & Rails

When the Midwest was still young…              


ISBN: 0-9749058-5-2




A captivating account of Midwest history, with focus on the ways people traveled during the pioneer days, when riverboats, stagecoaches, and steam locomotives whistled along streams and across the countryside.  It was a fascinating time.  Wisconsin was in its infancy, and although pioneer lifestyle seemed simpler, there was so much going on that shaped the coming years.  Our nation was growing at a rapid pace as the population pushed its horizons westward, seeking new land and resources.  New towns sprouted from logging camps and mining sites.  Some flourished, becoming focal points of society and centers of commerce.  Some sadly faded away, only to become forgotten and neglected memories.

  It’s the kind of reading that many historians have overlooked, like the story of a Norwegian blacksmith who “hi-jacked” a ferryboat on the Chippewa River; log pirates at Two Rivers; how Strawberry Point, Iowa got its name; how the only war ever fought in Baraboo – the “Whiskey War” – began and ended in just a few short hours; how a persistent young boy saved his family from starvation by building a raft; how railroad construction to Ashland nearly ended in a bloody riot; how a mudslide created new real estate for a Minnesota lumber town.  These and many other fascinating stories are sure to entertain any reader.

Stories and pictures from more than 260 Upper Midwest locations emerge as you journey through this formative period.  You might even want to use this book as a guide to visit many interesting historic places.



Remembering Wisconsin Ghost Towns


ISBN: 0692208372




Wisconsin has its share of ghost towns.  Villages grew from trading posts, lumber camps, and mining sites.  Many did not survive the catastrophes that befell them, but before they passed from existence, they wrote some colorful pages in Wisconsin's history.  Twenty-nine of these villages once again come to life on the pages of GHOSTVILLE ! (Three more have been added to the revised edition.)


New chapters have been added to include the history of Wisconsin's early logging and lumber industry, and the original Wisconsin Native tribes that were there long before the arrival of European explorers. 

TERRITORY.HC.7X10 -frontcover.jpeg

New 2023

Now you can get BOTH

Rivers, Roads, & Rails



in one volume.

Orange cover (left) is 8 X 10 Paperback version.

Blue cover (right) is 7 X 10 Hardcover version

AND paperback version.

As I Recall...

Farm Kid Recollections from the 'Fifties 

ISBN-13: 978-0615787305


Growing up on a Wisconsin farm was, without a doubt, a little different for a youngster in the 1950s than it is today.  A trip to town could mean an adventure, and riding the train to Chicago seemed like the most incredible experience of a lifetime.

   From bringing in the hay before a summer thunderstorm, to bringing in the woodstove before the brutal winter; from planting a garden, to feeding the chickens; from exploring the wilderness to skating on an ice-covered creek; you’ll enjoy every story about growing with the changing seasons.

    Just 102 pages, but every word is from the heart. (Illustrated)





  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0692515440

Bank robbers, Indians, and Civil War heroes are just samples from the many fascinating stories about Wisconsin's intriguing and colorful past. 
ETC, ETC, ETC... is a variety pack of historical subjects with informative aroma and entertaining flavor.




  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0615961194

The Wisconsin River, Paul Seifert, Bogus Bluff, Richland City, and the ancient cultures that once thrived there, all have something in common: mystery. For 10,000 years humans have occupied the delta at the confluence of the Wisconsin and the Pine Rivers; inhabitants of distinctly different eras have left behind clues to their existence. The most recent—the Native American Indians—have given us a bounty of lore and legend.A mysterious letter in the hands of German emigrant Paul Seifert in the Nineteenth Century helps set the scene for another one of the river valley’s most puzzling secrets. It has been the foundation of a 35-year-long search for a cave believed to be an Indian burial site containing vast treasures of ancient times.Treasure hunter/Researcher Ron Nagel has teamed with authors Dan Bomkamp and J.L. Fredrick to tell the story as it has developed through the ages. Together they unravel some of the mystery surrounding this enchanted valley.

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