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Books by Dan Bomkamp

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Fourteen-year old Eli Campbell buried his family one by one in late winter of 1861. They’d all died of smallpox, but by some miracle Eli didn’t contract the deadly disease. When spring came he made a new friend in Henry Dillon, a local tailor.  
Then the winds of war begin to blow as the south talks of seceding from the Union. Dillon organizes an artillery battery since he’d had such experience as a boy from New York State in the Mexican/American War. Eli wanted to go, but at fourteen, the army would only allow a boy his age to join as a musician to play drum, bugle or fife. Eli jumped at the chance to participate in this grand adventure, although he had no idea what he was getting into.



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Eathan Randall has always been a big brother to his younger next-door neighbor and best friend, Marshall Crawford.  But his high school days end, and serving his country in the military becomes his top priority.

During one last fly-in fishing trip to Canada with Marshall and their fathers, Ethan risks his life to save his friend as tragedy ends the outing.

Ethan becomes a bomb-dog handler in the Marine Corp, and when the unthinkable happens in Afghanistan, it's up to Marshall to make sure that Ethan doesn't give up on the difficult journey back to health.  He knows that a true friend should always be there.



Anton Sands has it all.  He's living the life any thirteen-year-old would love on his familiy's newly-acquired rural farm.  He has his own fishing pond, a trail bike, lots of great territory to explore and a best friend, Patrick, his beagle.

   But it all changes one hot and humid night when Anton and Patrick are torn from their tent while camping at the pond and sucked into a killer tornado.  The terror lasts only a few seconds, but when Anton wakes up, he can't move, and Patrick is not there to help.

   Can his life ever again be as he once knew it?

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For over 200 years the stories have been handed down from generation to generation about a fortune in gold coins hidden in the caves of Bogus Bluff, high over the Wisconsin River.  Learning about the legend, best friends Andy and Trevor set out to find the treasure.  Will they succeed where many others have failed?  



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The summer of 1975 promised excitement and adventure for twin brothers Mike and Mark working aboard the greatest ship on the Great Lakes, the Edmund Fitzgerald.  The twins were seeking first hand knowledge in their chosen field of engineering.  But when the November gales blow it means deadly danger.  The twins are separated for the November 10th trip to Detroit... the last voyage of the Edmund Fitzgerald.



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 The Adventures of Thunderfoot is my first book and chronicles the fun and mischief between myself and my 13 year old friend Thunderfoot. You'll enjoy these fun stories of events that seemed to be a good idea and then turned into disasters for these two pals.It's a book that the whole family will enjoy.

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Thunderfoot is now 16 in this second book and this adds to the fun when he constantly wants to drive the pickup on our adventures. We venture to more exotic places like Canada in this book and as usual, things don't always go as we expected.Fun reading for all ages.

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The final Thunderfoot book has our friend turning 18 and this book covers our last year together before Thunderfoot goes off into the world.There are many great laughs and fun stories and some poignant final pages that will make you glad you met these characters.

Thanks Thunderfoot.




There’s never a dull moment! Dan Bomkamp tells his tales of him and his new-found young companion as they experience the great outdoors in one side-splitting adventure after another.  Mischievous and charming Thunderfoot will keep you rolling with laughter. Hunting and fishing will never be the same!

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The Gosey tells the story of 4 best friends and their summer adventures during the year they turn 13 and become teenagers.You'll love these stories and laugh at the crazy schemes these guys come up with.Fun for all ages.

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Big Edna finds our 4 friends again during the summer they turn 16,,,and can drive.Big Edna is a 1953 Plymouth that takes them on new adventures they never thought possible.Hilarious stories will have you laughing out loud.For all ages.

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Summer is a thrilling time for four boys who have turned thirteen.  The fun never stops as Dougie, Dewey, Chick and Dan swim, fish, camp, play baseball, and find ways to earn spending money.  What more could they want… until… they turn sixteen, and the summer becomes magical with the addition of a 1953 Plymouth they affectionately call “Big Edna.”  The car stretches horizons beyond their wildest dreams, and transports them to new destinations and more fantastic adventures. a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

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Lost Flight is a novel set on the giant Lake of the Woods in Canada. It is the story of two friends, one who is 18 and aleady a pilot, who set out in a float plane to meet their families at their fishing lodge. A sudden storm finds our heros crash landed on one of the 16,000 islands that cover the huge lake. A chance meeting a few days later will take them on a perilous adventure that will change their lives.

Voyageur is my first novel and is set in 1914 on the Wisconsin River.It tells the story of two best friends and their newly found 12 year old buddy as they build and live in a cabin on a Wisconsin River island. After building a boat and reading about the Voyageurs, Father Marquette and Pierre Joliet, they decide to try to re-create their journey down the Wisconsin. On they way they meet a stranger and that chance meeting changes their lives.

Orphaned at thirteen, Tag learns quickly that Foster Home life in Chicago is not his style. After a brush with the resident bully, Tag runs away, hopeful that he will find a friend in Wisconsin who he only knows as a character in his favorite book, and who he believes is real. On the run as a fugitive, danger lurks around every corner. But he has seen his destiny in a recurring dream that he dosen't understand, and his desire for discovery urges him on.

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Autumn 1940 was very unusual. The weather was warm and balmy into November. On Armistice Day thousands of duck hunters took to the marshes on the Mississippi river hoping to bag a few ducks. The morning started out in the 60's but by early afternoon a huge blizzard bore down on the river valley and many of the hunters stayed too long, enjoying the best duck hunting of the fall. For some, what began as a beautiful day on the river turned into a nightmare that cost them their lives.

Out of the wild...

Two teenagers and their dog are awakened in the middle of the night when an intruder invades their campsite in a remote Wisconsin valley. Little do they know that this encounter will lead them on an unbelievable adventure and an extraordinary friendship with a most incredible wild creature.

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River of Mystery

The Wisconsin River, Paul Seifert, Bogus Bluff, Richland City, and the ancient cultures that once thrived there, all have something in common: mystery.  For 10,000 years humans have occupied the delta at the confluence of the Wisconsin and the Pine Rivers; inhabitants of distinctly different eras have left behind clues to their existence.  The most recent—the Native American Indians—have given us a bounty of lore and legend.

A mysterious letter in the hands of German emigrant Paul Seifert in the Nineteenth Century helps set the scene for another one of the river valley’s most puzzling secrets.  It has been the foundation of a 35-year-long search for a cave believed to be an Indian burial site containing vast treasures of ancient times.

Treasure hunter/Researcher Ron Nagel has teamed with authors Dan Bomkamp and J.L. Fredrick to tell the story as it has developed through the ages.  Together they unravel some of the mystery surrounding this enchanted valley.

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