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Stealing the Mississippi River

Fascinating HIstory of the La Crescent, Minnesota Area



by Donna Christoph Huegel



Have you ever heard of anyone trying to steal the Mississippi River? Who were the people in Southeastern Minnesota before the white settlers? Why did citizens of this area protest the Civil War? Who was the early La Crescent woman who wanted a dozen husbands? The answers to these questions are among the 60 stories written by Huegel collected in this book. They run the gamut from pre-history of the area, through early white settlement up to the 1960s. The entertaining stories are rich in first-hand accounts. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll be amazed. You'll wonder what they were thinking!



The Poetry of John McCue



How do we describe John McQ's poetry? Contemporary? Old fashioned? Contrary? Bizarre? Whatever, it is unique with varying topics. His opinions and observations flowing through his poetry will astound and entertain!

These Words


by Tom Bennett



Tom Bennett's Americana prose and poetry is down-to-earth. It's more than Chicken Soup. It's Cream of Chicken Soup for the soul.

The Stream of Time


by Len Harris



The hidden valleys and trout streams of Southwestern Wisconsin are calling your name! The Stream of Time by Len Harris will make you feel like you are there as you experience the adrenaline rush of hooking a huge brown trout on your line. Smell the sweet meadowland wildflowers and feel the supple green grass under your feet as you wander through the tranquility, visiting places and times that will surely put laughter in your heart and, perhaps, a tear in your eye.

How to Get Rich S L O W

Be Successful by Finding Windows of Opportunity


by Frank Weeks


Inspiration. Advice. Motivation. Recognizing opportunity. These are the elements that Frank Weeks shows the young entrepreneur by telling his story of success. Learn how starting with little assets and big ambition, he worked his way from gas station attendant to multi-millionaire... slowly, and deliberately, with dedicated focus on his goals.


A lookat the cinematic career of acrtess Linda Blair


by Charles K. Ashmore


Actress Linda Blair was immortalized by her role in THE EXORCIST. Because of this, her 41 other movies are often overlooked. Her cinematic art does more than entertain us. It encapsulates a time span parallel with the maturing of the Baby Boomer. Many of her movies address the issues current with this generation: alcoholism, treatment of the mentally ill, the dilemma of the returning Viet Nam Vet and the families of those who couldn't return, cryogenics, corruption, and the treatment of animals. Her life also brought issues to the front that have been kept in the closet for years. It has been Ashmore's endeavor to share some of her movies with the public. They chronicle the Baby Boomers' era, featuring the change of styles, the cars, the tunes, and the movies. It is his desire that you enjoy this experience as much as he did.

**NEW**FEB 2014**


Hanging Up the Rope


by Paul Huebner


Veteran climber Paul Huebner takes you on spectacular climbing adventures in the Alps of Europe, the mountains of Alaska, the Colorado Rockies, Canada and the North Cascades, the volcanoes of Mexico and the Andes of Bolivia and Ecuador. He describes in vivid detail the many risks, mishaps and close calls he's experienced on his adventures, including witnessing the heart-pounding rescue of a terrified woman high on the Matterhorn after her partner had fallen to his death; the miraculous escape from a bombardment of falling rocks and lightning while leading a team of amateurs in the Canadian Rockies; and succumbing to altitude sickness and being greeted by a shotgun-toting night watchman in the Andes. Huebner enlightens you on the ever-present question of why climbers take the inconceivable risks and expose themselves to the incredible hazards, and he explains why he finally decided to hang up the rope.


**NEW**FEB 2014**




The stories of Paul Seifert, Bogus Bluff, Richland City,

and the Ancient People of the Wisconson River Valley


co-authored by Dan Bomkamp

                     J.L. Fredrick

                     Ron Nagel


The Wisconsin River, Paul Seifert, Bogus Bluff, Richland City, and the ancient cultures that once thrived there, all have something in common: mystery. For 10,000 years humans have occupied the delta at the confluence of the Wisconsin and the Pine Rivers; inhabitants of distinctly different eras have left behind clues to their existence. The most recent—the Native American Indians—have given us a bounty of lore and legend. 
   A mysterious letter in the hands of German emigrant Paul Seifert in the Nineteenth Century helps set the scene for another one of the river valley’s most puzzling secrets. It has been the foundation of a 35-year-long search for a cave believed to be an Indian burial site containing vast treasures of ancient times. 
   Treasure hunter/Researcher Ron Nagel has teamed with authors Dan Bomkamp and J.L. Fredrick to tell the story as it has developed through the ages. Together they unravel some of the mystery surrounding this enchanted valley.


***NEW *** JULY 2014***


Coins In A Half-Filled Jar

by Harlan Flick


What was it like to grow up in the late 1950s and early 1960s with a large family nestled in a tiny village on the banks of the Great River?

  Surrounded by breath-taking natural beauty and striking poverty in one of the least populated and poorest counties in the state, a family struggles to make ends meet while creating their own entertainment through fishing, trapping, and hunting along the hills, backwaters and sloughs of the mighty Mississippi River.

***NEW *** AUGUST 2014***




by Len Harris


Brigadoon Creek is right around the next bend a couple counties over.  Don’t let your dreams fade away with time.  Brigadoon Creek only appears once every 100 years, making it impossible for any angler to visit this mythical and magical place more than once in a lifetime.

   We trout anglers are dreamers.


Len Harris is a dreamer.

"About three months ago I made a comment to an acquaintance about trout fishing being so important to me and he dismissed it. He said trout fishing was the least important thing he does in life and I shouldn’t make it so important. I wholeheartedly disagree with him.  Many people go to church to feel spiritual and be in touch with the universe. I go into the outdoors to cleanse my soul. All the things in life that bother me are melted away about a hundred yards from the truck. The fish are only a bonus in the whole scheme of things."


***NEW***OCTOBER 2014***


A Stable Birth

A Story About the Birth of Jesus Christ


by June G. Paul



In this compelling and thought provoking story about the birth of Jesus, the author shares the stability of faith residing in the characters of Mary, Joseph and the Innkeeper.  Written in conversational form, the reader is quickly drawn into this story as they read about the call from God through the angelic messengers: “Do not be afraid.”

**New**August 2015**


Cy Butt was a real historical figure of the mid twentieth century--the quintessential professional student who actually attended the University in Madison for decades on a family inheritance. At the same time he was a legendary whiskey drinker, practical joker, and lawyer who did at one time work for the Wisconsin Attorney General. This book twists the dial one notch forward and makes Cy a sleuth and secret state investigator of cult murderers and thieves operating in Wisconsin in 1953. While a work of fiction, it does absorb elements of reality from such personalities as Ed Gein and such actual crimes as the Evelyn Hartley kidnapping in La Crosse. 
It is set in the Driftless Area of Western Wisconsin, including scenes in Madison, La Crosse and the Kickapoo Valley. There is also a touch of science fiction with visitations from other worlds.  
Cy is joined by a colorful group of supporting characters including a gun crazy homicide cop from Madison named Monroe P. Hammersley, Dr. Alterweise, mysterious scholar and mystic who lives in a back alley apartment near the campus, and the evil Master who never seems to age. 
Use of profanity is kept to a minimum and there is no sex at all, except a handshake. For readers-there will be exposure to different realities, be warned.


NEW**December 2015





B. J. Anderson



Seeking a safe-haven from a stalker ex-boyfriend, she lands in a totally different world in New York to begin her life anew as Julia Michaels. Julia must start over with no family, no friends and feeling like she is the only person who has ever experienced the terror of always looking over her shoulder. Before long, Julia learns that others are there to help and that she can find love, family, home and her true self again.




* * NEW * * July 2016 * *


Broken Wing Dragon


Mary Buford


Father Lance Thomas is confronted with the most astonishing and perilous challenge of his life.  A powerful demon from the dark side has been summoned by teen-aged Vylit Ragon through her curiosity of an ancient devil worshipping cult known as the D'Rakken.  The evil spirit preys on Vylit and her best friend with its wicked mission of collecting souls.  Can Father Lance summon power great enough to save the girls from passing through the gates of hell?



**NEW**August 2016


The sequel to Coins In A Half-Filled Jar… 

Harlan Flick

Big River, Run Long introduces you to misfits, characters, language and the fabric of a small river town on the banks of the mighty Mississippi. These are humorous and poignant stories of a large family struggling to make ends meet while living in one of the most picturesque landscapes in America.


**NEW**September 2016

The Rabblerouser


John H. Sime



Two of the most controversial events in the history of Vernon County, Wisconsin —the 1946 speech by Gerald L. K. Smith and the 1888 lynching of mass murderer Andrew Grandstaf (both events taking place in Viroqua, near the courthouse) are linked, psychologically, in this second novel by John H. Sime. In the process, a sweeping portrait of local and national history is provided. 
Smith was a graduate of Viroqua High School, a spell-binding orator, and an American fascist and hate monger, who is still an inspiration to like-minded individuals. Grandstaff was the illegitimate son of the fifteen-year-old daughter of a minister. His life was one of pain—his own and that he inflicted upon others. 
Both men are taken on a surrealistic tour of their own histories by the spirit of another Wisconsin historical figure—Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright plays a role not unlike that of poet Virgil who took poet Dante on a guided tour of the afterlife.  
Numerous historical figures appear—Franklin D. Roosevelt, Huey P. Long, Father Charles Coughlin, Col. C.M. Butt, and Al Capone. Fictional characters, as well, are created to delve into the lives of both Smith and Grandstaff.


**NEW**September 2016

So Many Mountains

and other short stories


William P. Schwochert


An eclectic collection of short fiction by William P. Schwochert depicting the many natures of human existence  
The adventures of a boy who shuns society and journeys into the wilderness searching to create a life of own his design.  
A man's search for resolve after the dissolution of his marriage. 
Four distinctly different scenarios intertwined by one common theme.  
A woman of confused mind and morals seeks to gain control of her life and justify her existence. 
An examination of the human condition concerning a failed relationship.  
The chance meeting of a man and a woman. 
A young man runs away from responsibility and finds himself in a deadly struggle for survival.  
The downfall of a man and his attempt to recover through the aid of a most unlikely source.


Ain't No Elephants in Timbuktu

John H. Sime

In the Summer of 1976, John Sime was among twenty-five young Americans serving in the U.S. Peace Corps enroute to the West African republic of Mali.  They were slated to teach English in the local school system. 

During the next two years, John kept a journal and wrote poetry depicting his experiences.  After he returned to his hometown of Readstown, Wisconsin, his interest in Africa continued; he eventually returned to Mali in 2003 to see the changes that had taken place there. This journey resulted in more journal entries and more poems.

In 2012, Islamic militant terrorists seized control of half of Mali and imposed a harsh, dehumanizing sharia based regime over that gentle land.  Finally, in 2013, the French military liberated Mali from the terrorists. John responded to this crisis with more poems and an article for the news media.

This volume, therefore, encompasses almost forty years of John Sime’s life and depicts the importance of the ancient desert land of Mali to him.  While most of the pages describe life in Bamako, the capitol city, there are also side trips to various other cities such as Segou, Djenne, and the legendary mystery desert city of Timbuktu.  As some poems and journal entries are inspired by music, art, and local history, much of the book entails John’s work as a school teacher at the national teacher’s college of Mali-- École Normale Supérieure in Bamako

One  Last Dance

with the Dani Tribe

by Harlan Flick

If you could step back in time thousands of years to the Stone Age, would you do it? If you could journey to one of the most remote and isolated geographic regions in the world, could you bring yourself to make such a trip? Come join the 1980 expedition as six intrepid travelers journey to visit the head hunting tribesmen of Irian Jaya where pigs are traded for wives, where self mutilation is expected, and ritual wars are fought to appease the ghosts of the dead. Come join us in the land where Michael Rockefeller died. Welcome to the Baliem Valley, land of the Dani tribes.

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